I am a qualified Garden Designer and Horticulturist living in North East Hampshire. My passions are plants and their place in our natural environment, how we interact with them and the important role they play in our outdoor spaces; in our gardens, at work and within our communities.

I design residential and commercial gardens, large and small, concentrating on creating a garden with a strong sense of place, drawing inspiration from the architecture and surrounding landscape whether that be in an urban, city or rural setting.

I am a pre-registered member of the Society of Garden Designers, working through the keen adjudication process to become a full member as well as running a cluster group for Reading and Basingstoke. I am also a member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture and an associate member of the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI).

If you would like to chat about how I can help transform your garden, please get in touch.

My Garden Design Story

I wanted to work outside and more specifically in gardens. In 2010 I studied for the RHS Certificate in Horticulture and built a base of garden maintenance clients. This solid practical grounding and knowledge of plants has been invaluable when designing planting schemes for my projects.

Design was a natural progression for me and after obtaining a Diploma in Garden Design from the KLC School of Design and the added accolade of Student of the Year, my design portfolio began to grow.

My other passions are dance and the arts having had a previous career as a professional ballet dancer. Art and design have always been a part of my life, studying Fine Art at A’level and enjoying painting in my spare time.

Working within the marketing industry in an advertising agency for 10 years, I acquired strong project management skills, ensuring garden design projects run smoothly from initial concept to final plant in the ground.

Why Bramley Apple Garden Design?

I grew up in Southwell, Nottinghamshire where the first Bramley’s Seedling grew from pips planted in a little girl’s garden in 1809. When a butcher named Matthew Bramley purchased the cottage and garden he gave permission for a local nurseryman, Henry Merryweather to take cuttings from the tree and sell the apples.

We lived opposite Merryweather’s nursery and my parents planted a Bramley’s Seedling in their garden. When I married, my sister gave us a young tree which now thrives in our garden in Bramley, Hampshire. I couldn’t really name the company anything else!